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Never waste money again on the wrong fragrance! Part 3 of 5

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

From ScentLush, LLC

You will learn how to pick the right fragrance that works with your body chemistry and smells good on you!


Hello My Royal ScentLush Lover! I'm back for Part 3 of 5

Finding the Right Smell for Me

In order to achieve picking the right fragrance for yourself. Here’s my perfume profile test for you. This tried and true test will narrow down your exact profile of what you like. Most people have never taken this approach when it comes to selecting the perfect fragrances for themselves. And what's most likely to go with your chemistry makeup. Fragrances are made up of 3 major accords called Notes. Top Note, Heart Notes and the Base Note.

But your skin type is also a Note too.

And it must blend correctly in order for that fragrance to smell beautifully on your skin. Download the .pdf and complete it!

Ready to pick you fragrances-Mechanics Now you are ready to pick one fragrance or multiple ones! You'll be able to become more familiar with the scents and ingredients you lean towards. Head over to my favorite online resource This is the largest database of all designers and Niche’ designers too. When you get a new suggestion of a new perfume fragrance you may want to purchase. Simply type in the name of a fragrance that you know smells good on you skin that you've purchased in the past in the search bar and search.

Note the Main Accords appear on the right of the bottle picture. Continue to scroll down to the bottom where you see the thumbs up votes of similar fragrances that you can try out. You'll see a thumbs up and thumbs down of fragrances that smell very similar to the one that may go with your body odor! Click on the ones you may like Scroll down and you will find actual price comparisons, votes of how many other people loved, liked or disliked the fragrance. The graph is a pretty accurate vote of how well it performed with other buyers. Make a list of the ones with the highest votes.

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Love to #Smellgood Good news!

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