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Offers the best designer inspired fragrances without breaking the bank! ScentLush brand company that includes a 1oz. scent refill bottle with your package!

In fact, we are the only brand company that includes a 1oz. refill with your package!  four (4) time the fragrance! So not only do you get to enjoy it once but four more times!  So spray as much as you want! Share it, Love it and enjoy the fragrance!  



 Inspired by the same luxury designers you find at high end department stores fragrance counters but at a fraction of the cost! Your perfect sophisticated lifestyle alternative to expensive department stores prices!

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popular designer women fragrances

Mmmm, Why Scent Lush? It’s the sophisticated alternative!

World Class Travel Collections of Fragrances to fit your on-the-go lifestyle. We have changed the Game! We are the only company that gives you a refill!

Top Fragrances For Every Season!

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Your perfect lifestyle alternative to overpriced designer fragrance and eliminating the “Brand Tax” consumers are accustomed to paying.

I created ScentLush from the desire to wear any fragrance without breaking the bank!  My love to smell and look great is pure passion!  But the facts there were many others who felt the same way! Is what truly inspired me to seek a better way!

The Problem: Department store fragrances are way too expensive!

The Alternative: Try ScentLush World Class Travel Collections at a fraction of the cost!

We found the secret to the fragrance industry! And since, I have dedicated my time to educate, enlighten and inspire people to have access to all types of fragrances and to help them save $100's of dollars while doing it! ScentLush fragrances are vegan, cruelty free, and use only 100% clean ingredients. With our prices so affordable, you can wear your favorite fragrance, without breaking the bank.


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Get Yours, Right to your Door with Free Shipping!

Your special treat to yourself will arrive in our discreet packaging! The Most Coveted package you will be very happy to see!

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